Covid-19 Updates: May 2022

Our Father (Luke 11:2)

We are created for intimacy with God, and praying to God is meant to be as natural as breathing air. Yet we don’t always remember God’s amazing eagerness to hear our prayers. Sometimes, it feels as though God is distant. Sometimes, it feels as though our prayers disappear into a void. Sometimes, we feel unworthy to bring our requests before the Holy One. Sometimes, our prayers are driven more by anxiety than by trust.

Prayer, according to our Lord Jesus, does not depend on our feelings, inadequacies, or anxieties. Instead, prayer rests on who God is. “Our Father!” These two words are the boldest words that Jesus taught us to pray. Even though the idea of God as Father was around in the time of Jesus, not many people dared to address God as Father.

These simple words, “Our Father,” are enough to dispel all our inadequacies and anxieties. God is not an impersonal Being who is indifferent to our cry. God is our Father, who delights in hearing from His children. God is more personal than we are, and our Father in heaven is immeasurably more gracious and powerful than human fathers. To pray, “Our Father” means to approach the throne of grace with confidence as the children of the heavenly Father (Hebrews 4:16).

Brothers and Sisters, whatever inadequacies and anxieties that you are struggling with, lay them down before God’s throne of grace. Rest in the arms of your heavenly Father. As you pray, “Our Father,” may the peace of Christ that transcends understanding rest upon your heart.

Our Father, how marvelous and comforting to know that You are our Father! Increase our faith! We rest in You, for You know what we need even before we ask You. AMEN.