Covid-19 Updates: May 2022

Praying the Scriptures (Part 1) – November 2016

Dear Peddie Church Family, I wish you a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving! In these Pastor-to-People columns, I’ve been emphasizing the centrality of the Bible as the only authoritative guide to our spiritual life. I would like to continue along the same theme as we anticipate the 500-year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, which began … Read more

Abiding in the Word – October 2016

Dear Peddie Church Family, “If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you” (John 15:7). These are some of the boldest words that our Lord Jesus spoke on prayer. In this verse, simple yet so rich in meaning, is God’s amazing willingness … Read more

Two Ways of Reading the Bible – August 2016

Dear Peddie Church Family, Daily meditation on the Scripture is one of the essential spiritual disciples that we all need to be engaged in. Listening to Sunday sermons is not enough. Unless we take time to listen to the Word of God daily, we cannot expect ourselves to grow spiritually. Yet what’s important for our … Read more

“I Thirst” – March 2016

Dear Peddie Church Family, During this Holy Week, we are invited to participate in a great mystery into the heart of Christ. It is tempting to go through the Holy Week as if it’s just another week of busy activities. I encourage you to slow down, be still in the presence of the Lord, and … Read more

Investing in the Next Generation – January 2016

Dear Peddie Church Family, We at Peddie Church are blessed with many children, youth, and young adults. They are not merely the future of the church; they are already the church, along with the older generation. The church is the family of God, and as a family, we are both the old and the young. … Read more

Restoration of Authentic Worship – December 2015

Dear Peddie Church Family, I wish you a very Merry and Blessed Christmas! I am humbled by God’s mercy in choosing an unworthy vessel to serve Him together with you at Peddie Church. God often chooses an unlikely, unworthy, and weak person so that we might know His grace and power and not be distracted … Read more